Month: July 2020

Racism: A Dangerous Form Of Scapegoating!

One from the reasons, stated through the United States, for getting into World War 2. was, our mindset, and principles, which, declared, no individual ethnic group, is highly recommended, a player – race! More than 75 years later, we carry on and observe, the ugly – head, of prejudice, bias, and racism! In nearly, every case/ scenario, these behaviors, are, an endeavor to blame another individual, for just about any gripe/ issue/ challenges, and, this scapegoating, is, at best, wrong, and, at worst, is dangerous, and hateful! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 examples, on this horrible behavior.

1. Why haven’t we learned from history?: Shouldn’t we’ve got learned from history, as well as the horrific link between bias and discrimination/ hatred, exhibited, during, and leading – up, for the second World War? Does the earth, really, seek, an extra – coming, of somebody, like Adolph Hitler, and, the horrific acts, from his Nazis? While, he blamed Jews, and, anyone supporting them, and/ or, opposing him, and treated them, in this horrific manner, the mere fact, this nation still have such a high amount of systemic racism, needs to be alarming, to the majority of of us!

2. The Detainment Camps, inside the 1940’s, detaining Japanese – Americans: It’s never right, to detain, people, in inhumane conditions, mainly because of race, creed, ethnicity, or country of origin! Perhaps, America’s most shameful moment, was our using, Detainment Camps, from the 1940’s, to detain, and restrict those activities of Japanese – Americans, due to our fears, etc!

3. McCarthy hearings/ Red – baiting: The McCarthy Hearings, inside 1950’s, which fed – into, the national fear, in the Soviet Union, and, so called, communists, was another, extremely shameful moment inside our history! Won’t we’ve learn?

4. Trade Wars: President Trump’s focus on using tariffs, and trade wars, against China, and, threatened against our traditional European allies, appears to be an ill – considered, policy, to set the blame on others, in lieu of creating, a progressive approach, and quality planning!

5. Systemic Racism: We still witness, a large amount of evidence, of, systemic racism, in several aspects of life. Anti – semitism carries on rear, its ugly – head! The discrimination, in employment, housing, medical care, treatment by police, and courts/ justice, against people – of – color, demonstrates, racism, still exists, with a considerable degree! We must address these issues/ concerns, etc, sooner, rather – than – later!

Wake up, America, and demand, our so called, national beliefs, with regard to equal justice, rights, freedoms, and liberties, are addressed, in the well – considered manner! We must, never again, permit our elections, to become based on attracting fears, hatred, etc, or we’ll lose our identity, forever!