Month: May 2020

If You Hope To Defeat Trump!: 6 Realities

Many long – time, political observers, have witnessed, numerous instances, the location where the Democrats, have seemed, to shoot themselves, from the leg, in relation to, losing elections, they will have won! Since, at – present, President Trump’s favorable rating, is a an all – time low, and, polls are indicating, in the event the election were held, today, although lose, we should advise those, who wishes to see his defeat, begin this seriously, as opposed to making the error, of taking it, as a right, and proceeding, with, over – confidence! Unless/ until, the Democrats start to look at the bigger – picture, and plan accordingly, realizing, they need to unite, despite any comparatively, minor issues/ concerns/ ideologies, as long as they hope to make a needed, and necessary change, inside the direction of this nation, they don’t be successful, with this quest! With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 significant, relevant, realities.

1, Republican, Electoral College, advantage: As we’ve witnessed, twice, this century, simply receiving popular votes, doesn’t make someone President. Because, in the nature with the Electoral College, the location where the smaller states, have got a significant advantage, proportionately, which states, in many cases are, called, Red States, and/ or, Republican! Therefore, Trump could lose the favorite vote, again, when he did, in 2016, and narrowly win, certain, Swing States, and become reelected! If, Democrats grab the election, for – granted, they may snap defeat, in the jaws of victory!

2. Will people vote their fears and prejudices?: Unfortunately, the certainty often, is, many voters, whenever they get towards the polling booths, vote – their – fears, instead of voting for that better candidate! Trump generally seems to know how to stoke – these – fears, and appeal, to his core supporters, effectively, by articulating a polarizing message!

3. Is Trump, out – of – control, or, Crazy as A Fox?: Don’t under – estimate this President, and, think, he’s simply out – of – control, when, it truly is entirely, possible, he’s considered, his political approach, and what works best, for his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, and, may, rather, be, Crazy As A Fox!

4. Beware of early polling, or National Polls: National Polls don’t really matter, because, Presidential elections are dependant upon the individual states! In addition, the sole poll, which, really counts, is on Election Day! Early polls will vary, through the eventual outcome!

5. Will the Civil Unrest unify those against Trump, or could it let him, position himself, as being the Law and Order, candidate?: While, the concerns of systemic racism, that have led to the existing, civil unrest, are warranted, it appears apparent, Trump will try to position himself, because Law and Order, candidate, stoking – the – fears, of people, he considers, potential supporters! Be careful with the fine – line, involved, and play, into his hands, politically!

6. Voter Turnout: This election is based, largely, on voter turnout, and whose supporters (and where), actually, vote! Don’t get trapped, in the overly idealistic way, or higher – confident. If, Democrats don’t end up being all their potential voters, out, on the polls, the President will probably be reelected!

Wake up, America, of course, if you don’t want, four more years, like the latest ones, be sure you vote, and urge others, for this, also! If you take this election, for – granted, and proceed, in the over – confident manner, you won’t such as the results, and/ or, ramifications!