Month: April 2020

National Pandemic Plan!

Although, it really is unfair, guilty, this President, to the present pandemic, especially, the start of the virus, many believe, his absence of effective planning, and being prepared, has contributed, for the horrific human impacts, regarding infection, and deaths! As if, this is not bad – enough, it appears to be, there ‘s still no simple, public health – oriented, nation plan, constantly in place! Rather, were witnessing, a patchwork of how, individual states, and regions, are reacting, and proceeding. While, New York, was the original, United States’ epicenter, on this virus, for a few factors/ reasons, like the influx of infected Europeans, entering, prior to the Federal government, finally, cut – off flights, from those regions, and also the population density, of this type, Governor Andrew Cuomo, proactively, took action, and created several hard decisions, to ensure, today, this state, is handling this horrific virus, far better than, the majority of the rest of the nation! Because on this, New York’s numbers are getting, from the right direction, while, many states, are spiking, with regard to number of new cases, and hospitalizations. If, rather then denying how much danger, Trump, took decisive action, on the national basis, many experts believe, we may be faring, far better, today! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 concerning behaviors, regarding still, lacking any national plan.

1. Early warnings: Despite the President’s denials, and statements, the research indicates, there are several early warnings, which Trump, either, denied, or minimized, or ignored! Public health experts state, after we reacted, immediately, the quantity of infections, and deaths, would have been, significantly reduced!

2. Hoax: By following, his usual approach, of calling, this pandemic, a hoax, etc, his core supporters, as of today, keep seem, to lessen the danger, and, thus, don’t cooperate, with public health suggestions, for instance wearing a mask, Social Distancing, and assuming their social responsibility!

3. Setting an unhealthy example, regarding masks, distancing, and reopening properly: When the President won’t wear a mask, which kind of example, does that set? How can we expect, his strongest followers, some thing accordingly, stay – home, use Social Distancing, and proceed, wisely, if they’re provided, with another, apparent, narrative?

4. Pressuring Governors: It has been apparent, this President has attemptedto apply pressure about the Governors, to reopen their state’s economies, in accordance with his personal/ political agenda, and perceived, self – interest, as opposed to, this, carefully, plus phases, as almost all public health experts, advice, and recommend! We’ve noticed, the state’s, who have opened prematurely, now, have spiking infection rates, while, those, following phased – in, approach, showing significant reductions!

5. Still minimizing impacts: Demanding, a no – mask, no Social Distancing, approach, for your Republican National Convention, and his awesome campaign rallies, indicates, Trump is minimizing the impacts, and dangers, in this pandemic!

Wake up, America, and, ask, exactly why is there still, no national, pandemic policy, and/ or, plan? Hold Trump Accountable, for his deficiency of meaningful action, and/ or, responsibility!