Month: March 2020

Another Hoax, Or Disturbing Behavior, Regarding Russia?

If you’ve observed, a somewhat, disturbing, repetitive pattern, from your present occupant with the White House, where, whenever someone may seem to question, inquire, investigate, etc, he immediately denies any knowledge/ involvement, and sometimes, describes it, being a hoax, it’s not just you! He has succeeded in doing so, in connection with Mueller investigation, campaign behavior, statements made, etc. The pattern/ agenda, usually begin, by denying, and calling it a hoax (or, if something, he stated, making reference to it, being a joke, tongue – in – cheek, etc), and, then, when documents, testimony, etc, come – up, and therefore are revealed, gradually changes his rhetoric, but never seems ready to accept/ take, any personal responsibility, usually, reverting to blaming, and complaining! The current controversy involves, whether, Russia actually offered bounties, to Afghanis, to attack/ kill, American soldiers, found in that nation. Despite, the repeated launch of testimonies, evidence, and, then, substantiating, financial evidence, President Trump, denies any knowledge/ briefing, and blames his political enemies, still, speaking about this, being a hoax! With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 relevant, concerning factors.

1. Who is more trustworthy, the New York Times, or this President?: Since, political fact – checkers state, Trump has lied, or made misleading statements, with an unprecedented, alarming rate, why would the majority of people, be able to believe his version? While, the mainstream media, has created errors, they seem to try and carefully, measure the data/ facts, and, usually admit, once they realize, they made an error/ mistake. Rather, in cases like this, following your first article, this newspaper has released, more supporting evidence, instead!

2. Briefing fond of Congressional Republicans: Recently, the administration provided some form of briefing, privately, to Congressional Republicans, only, refusing to make available this information, to members in the other party! From, what has been released, in the secret meeting, it indicated, evidence, it certainly, has not been, a hoax!

3. President offers different version, than his spokespeople: As, has often occurred, before, this administration’s spokespeople, have provided, a version, with lots of conflicts, on the President’s version!

4. 5 Private calls, in March, between Trump, and Putin: We now know, there was clearly, at the very least, 5 calls, around March, with this year, between, President Trump, and Russia’s Putin. Unlike the precedent of those types of conversations, no notes were taken by aides, no-one, from side, was listening, around the call, and Trump’s reply, when questioned with this, was simply such as, It’s none of the business!

5. Previous pattern: Since, the actual approach, to the present, potentially, concerning behavior, aligned with, how previous scandals, were handled, why wouldn’t the majority of people, question the veracity of Trump’s version?

Wake up, America, and demand, any elected official, realize you desire absolute integrity, and transparency, and behave accordingly! No one is on top of the law!